Elementor #21

Virtualization is the new reality!

In this book, Dr. Shehab used pattern and trend analysis to predict upcoming changes and how to be proactive in preparing for the forthcoming changes. He highlighted the areas of impending changes and laid strategies on how to turn them to opportunities.
The Next Generation Workforce & Workforce Virtualization Implications On Environment, Society, and Enterprises

By Dr. Faisal Shehab


Book Reviews:

“Generation V: Workforce & Workforce Virtualization Implications On Environment, Society, and Enterprises. This new book by Dr. Faisal Shehab is a timely, insightful contribution to the business literature on virtual work emerging during this global pandemic. There is no going back to the old ‘normal’. A company that simply employs virtual teaming now as an adjunct to regular business will have to rethink their entire system vis a vis its business architecture, IT architecture, and enterprise architecture. By 2025, remote and virtual workers will no longer be relegated to the sidelines of the office environment and the fringes of the workforce.” Dr. Shehab’s book is hopeful and visionary. “Generation V’s contribution to the reality of workforce virtualization will influence the way we live and work at a much deeper level than previous generations. In addition, it will bring solutions to society’s most pressing problems. These include global warming, unemployment, inefficiencies, and excessive use of our planet’s resources.”
-Howard B. Esbin, PhD
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