Dr.Faisal shehab

“Dr. Shehab is a professor at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada; where he teaches several business-related courses. He earned his doctoral degree in management from the University of Phoenix in 2013, focusing on Virtual Working.  For the last 15 years, he has researched Workforce Virtualization.

 His book, entitled, “Generation Virtual” represents the summary of his findings. Dr. Shehab is the CEO and Founder of ENCADE Corporation. 

Under his leadership, a team of experts develops new business management systems for administering the next generation of the virtual workforce. Ultimately creating a book of knowledge, and guidance, for managing the next generation workers and virtual enterprises.”

PEople say...

“Faisal is someone who will ultimately challenge your perspective on the norm and provide you with another way to view a situation. I had the chance to attend his leadership class at Algonquin College. His deep insight into what it takes to be an extraordinary leader is uncanny! With an infectious energy that helps create an atmosphere of learning in a way that everyone can follow, Faisal facilitates future leaders. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate his students to succeed. His positive attitude and the respect his students feel for him are palpable. ” 
-Izza Masud

James Eidelman

" Faisal was very focused on team leadership. His flexibility and follower-ship on projects was exemplary."

Mitch stecko,

"Dr. Shehab (Faisal) developed a practical approach to creating architectural models to support a major technology initiative. He is very passionate about Enterprise Architecture and it shows in his work ethic and his contagious enthusiasm."